Chap-Lip Lip Butter

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Apply our popular lip butter to get relief from cold sores, fever blisters, and chapped lips. It contains ingredients proven to heal and replenish.

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Petrolatum, Coconut oil, Cetyl alcohol, Paraffin wax, Sunflower oil, Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Oilve oil, Vitamin E, Stevia, Glycerin, Natural and artificial flavors


Strawberry, Watermelon, Mango, Tangerine

Net Weight (ea.)

.15 oz. (4.2 grams)

15 reviews for Chap-Lip Lip Butter

  1. Willie S.

    While having more flavors than the others on the market, I enjoy this product because it’s not just some gunk on my lips.

  2. Takahashi Red

    I got it as a gift from one of my youngers siblings, at first i was skeptical about it but after my first use i fell in love with it. Unfortunately my brother’s dog got to it and now im pissed off about her ruining my amazing mango lip butter.

  3. cj

    Tried dozens of others. Found this by accident and an so thankful I did. My new go to lip balm. The word “balm” says it all. Smooth, moisturizng and pleasantly fragranced.

  4. Shahida D

    Fantastic price for a good product. Would recommend to my friends

  5. Hilary Milner

    I love this lip butter! Keeps my lips feeling moisturized and smooth much longer than my old brand. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I bought it, but I am working on that.

  6. Yuri S.

    I completely fell in love with this product. My lips feel so moisturized and smooth just as advertised. It has a great price for an amazing product.

  7. Linny

    My favorite and my go-to for dry lips! Thank you for caring and not testing your products on animals!

  8. HeatherT

    I believe it’s been discontinued, but the organic beeswax & essential oil version with SPF is AMAZING. I stocked up a couple years ago when they were available for $1 each at a discount store & I love love love them. Please bring them back! Affordable, unflavored lip balms with SPF + natural ingredients are very hard to find and I would definitely pay $2-3 for these balms. They are actually better than a lot of the high priced organic options, they just missed the mark on packaging (too flashy & outdated for the rich hippie market). Please bring these back (and maybe a slighly pricier version with coral-friendly spf) so I don’t have to turn to e-Bay! Just update the label (softer colors, cuter bee, lower case type in a retro font, maybe a faded gingham background…)

  9. Enide

    Amazing lip balm, i have try almost every lip balm option but nothing compare to this balm, leave my lips hydrated, soft and taste good. Writing from Honduras Central America.

  10. Nevaeh Marie

    They are moisturizing and cheap and just as good as the popular brands, if not better. I just got it today and I’m in love with it, highly recommend!

  11. Vittoria

    I was gifted the strawberry flavored lip balm. I really like it. It moisturizes without leaving an oily feel. The scent and flavor isn’t overwhelming. I recommend this product.

  12. nimri-waid

    I am obsessed, I bought two: Mango and Strawberry.. Lost one and totally crying over it. ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Kat

    Although I haven’t bought it here, its really good. You can get one at 99 cents store 🙂 But this is a very good price too

  14. briley

    this is really good I got it with my key chain thing at the mall. My tangerine lips smell amazing I wanna buy some for my friends to try and it’s not crazy expensive like burst bees for one its like $2 I think that is crazy

  15. KC

    I really love these lip balms! I had gotten one as a favor from a venue I went to, and I didn’t expect much of it. But after using it, I realized it was better then some expensive lip balm brands. Now I’m back for more, thank you so much for these!

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