Which stores in my area carry your products?

This is the most frequently asked question we get. Quite honestly we are not sure which particular stores may carry our products.  The reason for this is we mainly distribute through national distributors.  They in turn can sell to retailers across the country and overseas.  On a limited basis, we may sell to a retail chain and would be glad to let you know if one might be in your area. Please click here to contact us.

If you happen to know where you can buy our lip balms, please help us to build a list by sharing exactly which store you found it in with a complete address (preferably). Please click here to contact us and leave us the name and address of the retailer. We will post it in our “Where to Buy” list.

Do you sell to wholesalers, distributors and directly to retailers?

Yes we do.  If you are interested in our products, please click here for more information.

Are CITCO products made in the USA?

Yes. All of our products are made in the USA. Our factory is located in Walnut, near Los Angeles, California.


Are all the ingredients produced in the USA?

No. While we always prefer to purchase and support domestic companies, there are some ingredients and packaging components which are either directly imported by CITCO or they are purchased domestically by CITCO but may be derived from other countries, good examples are coconut oil (which comes from major coconut harvesting countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and India) and shea butter (primarily produced in West Africa).

Why is it that the shipping is nearly the same when I buy five or six sticks verses when I buy only one stick?

Shipping is determined by the US Postal Service.  The total shipping weight of say for example, five sticks, is insignificant compared to just one or two sticks.  So when you purchase multiple sticks you will most likely save in shipping.

How do you ship?

Typically on small orders (100 sticks or less) we ship via US Postal Service. On larger orders we may ship via UPS.

Why was my order delivered via UPS when in fact it was less than 100 sticks?

We reserve the right to ship via either UPS or US Postal Service.  If there are additional costs for shipping via one mode verses the other, we will never pass those on to you.  Whatever amount you expected to pay when you processed your order via “check-out” is what you will pay; never more.


Do you sell my information to other companies for marketing?

We respect your privacy. Unless it is required by a U.S. governmental agency, we do not sell or release our customers’ information to anyone.

Do you test on animals?

We do not test on animals.


Why does it seem my lip balm is different from the last one I had? Did you change the formula?

We always strive to use quality ingredients in all of our formulations. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products.  At times, we have removed certain ingredients from our products like propyl paraben from our most popular Chap-Lip Lip Balm. At the same time, we have added Vitamin E to Chap-Lip Lip Balm.  But in general, the base which constitutes the bulk of the product remains the same.  CITCO lip balms are made in small batches and some ingredients are natural, so the scent and color of each batch may vary slightly.


Do you have private label or contract filling programs?

Yes we do.  Please contact us for more information.

Do you cater to promotional products companies?

Yes we do.  Please contact us for more information.